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Lawn Care

Lawn care is often a cheaper more economically suitable solution to out dated and neglected lawns across the ACT and Queanbeyan region.  Our team have been servicing lawns across the region for over 10 years and we understand the requirements and environmental impacts that region produces. 

Our team always conduct lawn care services working from the soil base up. We look to test the pH soil levels and addressing any micronutrient deficiencies before addressing the lawn. Once the pH levels are at an adequate level we look to administer sufficient watering schedules and look to handle the weeds present within the lawn. Regular cutting and maintenance often goes along way in assisting the clients lawn, which can be added into the lawn care service. 

Our team have a wide range of knowledge and experience in administering fertilisation and pest control sprays within the lawn which will help keep full foliage and bright green for longer months of the year.


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