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Pruning Roses Ready For Spring

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Roses are hands down the most loved plant across all gardens in the ACT and our teams often come across miss-managed and poorly maintained roses. So here it is, ACT Gardening Solutions tops tips to maintaining great roses ready for spring.

The more effort you put into ensuring the health and longevity of your roses the better they will perform for you each year. Now of course like all plants roses have a number of species that all require unique maintenance methods, however, these are our generalist tips that can be applied to all.

In Australia and specifically in the ACT we recommend pruning during the months of late June to August Many rose growing experts recommend pruning during July each year.

Some exceptions to this rule include:

  • Old fashioned, banksia's, weeping standards: Prune only after the main flowering.

  • Once-flowering varieties: As soon as they have finished flowering, usually late spring to early summer.

  • Climbing Roses: Prune after blooming.

  • Roses grown in colder locations: Prune when its not to cold to protect new growth from the frost damage.

Now it is important to note that roses can still grow even without pruning, after all, shrubs grow in the wild. But proper pruning practices can deliver the following advantages:

  • It stimulates new growth, paving the way for healthier, stronger, more lush and flowery gardens.

  • It allows good air circulation around each plant and facilitates the proper application of fungicide to prevent fungus growth or blackspot, one of the most common and damaging rose garden diseases you can ever experience in your garden.

  • It helps the plant to grow in a neater and more visually appealing form.

Effective pruning requires a good understanding of the growth process and preferences of the specific rose plants you are growing, as well as how the climate and soil conditions in your area impact their health. You also need to ensure you are equipped with the appropriate equipment and personal protective gear.

If pruning your roses seems a little to complex for you, please feel free to contact the team at ACT Gardening Solutions who will be happy to help maintain your beautiful roses all year round.

We hope this helps you maintain your roses and offers an element of knowledge for your garden maintenance. As always if you found this article helpful, please do pass it on.


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