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Hedging & Pruning 

Regular Hedge Maintenance adds a dynamic to your garden and in a lot of cases adds much needed privacy to your property also. Often Hedges can be out of reach, to large or are to big of a job to handle. At ACT Gardening Solutions our team have the experience and tools to get your hedge back into shape and keep it like that under scheduled services. 

Whether your looking to repair a damaged hedge, or simply just looking to keep it in order our team are here to assist. 

Whether you know it or not, every hedge requires seasonal attention and our team know what your hedges are looking for. We start our servicing off with pH test and we enrich your soil with the nutrients it desires. After this we service, prune and monitor its watering to ensure you are getting the most out of your hedges all year round.

Clean your garden up with some straight line hedges, maintained by a team of professional gardeners at the fraction of the cost that it will take you. 

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