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14 Tips to Achieve in the Garden this Winter

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Yes Canberra we know its cold, but that doesn't mean you need to go into hibernation when it comes to gardening. Your landscaping and plants still need TLC and maintenance even though its not an ample growing season.

If the essential winter gardening tasks are completed your garden beds and will be in a great place for ample growing come spring. So here are ACT Gardening Solutions leading tips for gardening in winter.

Cover Beds with Weeds

If you have been neglecting your garden beds for a period of time and they are full of weeds, we suggest covering the entire garden bed with plastic. By doing this you will starve the weeds of vital nutrients, oxygen and water which ultimately results in the weeds dying.

Empty the Pots

Completely empty all outdoor pots, plants and soil which will help prevent cracking and pot damage during the colder months. Store the pots upside down until your ready to use them again in the spring.

Clean Up to Keep Pests Away

Clean away any dead or dying plants or vegetables in an effort to keep pests and diseases out of your garden beds. Pests and blight can still thrive in winter months, wreaking havoc and damaging your garden beds. Remove any old plants and throw them away, or add them into the compost pile as long as they are free of pests and blight.

Gather Leaves from Mulch

Those leaves that seem so annoying in the fall can be gold for winter garden. Gather as many leaves as you can and add them to your compost pile. Come spring, you'll have rich compost to make your garden grow even more beautifully once the weather warms.

Remove Bulbs to Prevent Frost Damage

Dig up your bulbs and store them in a cool, dark location so they will survive the winter. You want to remove bulbs from the garden bed before the frosts set in, so no damage occurs.

Dig up Root Vegetables

Lots of root vegetables, such as turnips and potatoes, continue to live even after a winter frost- but not much longer. Dig up any root vegetables still remaining in the garden, so you'll start with fresh beds next season.

Turn your Soil to Remove Pests

ACT Gardening Solutions like to turn soil over gently during the cooler months as it helps with pest prevention who are trying to winter in your garden beds.

Add Mulch to Prevent Weeds

After a big clean up, add a generous layer of mulch to the top of your garden beds at approx. one to two inches thick. By doing this you will prevent the weeds from critical sunlight and enrich your soil.

Wait for Weeds

It may be winter, but your weeds in your garden will grow all year round. Continue to monitor your garden beds one to twice a week, and remove weeds as they appear. Even in winter, these weeds will sap nutrients from your soil and ruin your spring garden plans.

Prune Tree and Shrubs

Prune away dead and broken leaves from your ornamental trees and shrubs, cutting the branches close to the trunk. Make clean, quick cuts to avoid damage to living parts of the plant and mitigating any stress that it may cause.

Clean Your Garden Tools

Clean your garden tools well, removing all debris and dirt. Cover all blades and metal areas of your tools with vegetable oil to prevent rust. Store your tools properly so you can maintain them and keep them in a great operational capacity.

Protect Sensitive Plants

Saplings and shrubs that could be damaged by winter cold should be covered. Do not use plastic for this, or it will kill the plants. Material like burlap will provide protection for young and sensitive plants. Use twine to hold the fabric in place, and check on plants periodically to be sure they're surviving the winter.

Prepare your gardens properly for the winter months, and you'll have more lush and vibrant gardens in the spring time. Here at ACT Gardening Solutions we like to tell our clients that a little bit of winter gardening can go a huge way in ensuring beautiful results for longer periods of the year. As always we hope this blog and all our blogs have been helpful and if you have any questions regarding this blog please contact our team.

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