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Our Top 10 Tips for Great Hedges - Canberra & Queanbeyan

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

There is no better way to get everyone talking about your hedges then by having the best hedges in the suburb. I can promise you that every time my father and I drive past a house we comment on them. So.... that made me think what are ACT Gardening Solutions top 10 tips for great hedges.

Plan, Plan and Plan

Hedging is a great way to get privacy and give your garden sharp looking edges, however often people forget that placing hedges in the wrong location can disrupt views, overcrowd a space and in some places impede on a neighbours driveway.

Spacing is Important

Ensuring correct and accurate spacing is completely dependent on the species of plant you wish to establish. Typically what we like to do at ACT Gardening Solutions is plant hedges between 0.3 and 0.8m apart. However, if you go for an informal and natural shrub you will need to allocate further spacing.

Don't be Afraid to Prune Early

Our team at ACT Gardening Solutions always look to establish a healthy cut on a young hedge. All hedges young or old will develop dead steams, insect and fungal infestation and by proactively pruning your hedge you promote healthy shape and growth. A healthy hedge is a hedge that is dense in shape not just at the top.

Choose the right Fertiliser

Depending on the type of hedge plant, soil and environment condition, choosing the right fertiliser is essential give your plants the proper nutrients to prevent various diseases.

In general, ACT Gardening Solutions suggest that fertilising hedges post cutting/ pruning will promote distressed plants the nutrients required to continue its growth. Most hedge fertilisers are rich in nitrogen and held essential nutrients in ensuring the soil is nitrophilic. Please note, you need to avoid over fertilising since it would result in fast but weak growth that is prone to pest infestation.

Aim for Density not Height (In the beginning)

As mentioned before, a dense and compact hedge symbolises the health of a hedge, therefore when maintaining a hedge you should conduct the following steps ensure you are cutting effectively:

  • Use a clean sharp hedging tool or hedger to cut the foliage and stems accurately.

  • Trim the hedge plant to your desired shape.

  • For a straighter looking hedge mount a string line at each end of the hedge to give you a cutting guide.

  • If your hedge has large leaves, use a pair of secateurs to cut wayward stems first then adhere to the smaller ones.

  • Avoid from trimming at the hot ends of the day. By cutting a hedge you are already stressing the plant.

Manage Pest and Diseases

It is essential to manage your plants from pest infestations and decisisae's. Unlike regular plants, once your hedge plants get infected, the entire hedge will most likely get affected. Always remember that overwatering, over fertilising and under managing hedge plants can invite pests and diseases that are hard to handle.

Equip Yourself with the Appropriate Tools

Hedging is not an easy task, often requires heavy equipment or tools over your head for long periods of time. That's why at ACT Gardening Solutions we combine high quality tools such as pruners, shears, trimmers, loopers, and scissors to preserve the beauty of your garden.

Hedge Choice - Evergreens

At ACT Gardening Solutions, we always recommend to our clients to lean towards the Evergreen hedge. The Evergreen hedge is highly durable adaptive to seasonal change and is a hardy plant that survives the harsh Canberra and Queanbeyan conditions well.

Shape Hedges for Success

Shaping your hedge to give it success is critical in its infancy, which is why we always tell clients to allow for a slightly narrower top then the bottom to allow the plant foliage maximum sun exposure for longer periods of the day.

Hire an Expert

Finally, if hedging isn't something your passionate about and you don't have the time or tools to get the most out of your hedges, hire an expert. With professional advice and the appropriate experience a team such as ACT Gardening Solutions who are well equipped to service the region and understand the climate and environments to get the most out of your hedges all year round.


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