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How to Cut Canberra Lawn Like A Pro

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

So there is #mowing your #lawn properly, and then there's mowing your lawn because you have to. Sticking to a regular growing schedule ensures that your lawn remains healthy and lush for longer periods of the year. This is why we thought we would help out with a few handy tricks and answer common lawn questions asked everyday.

There is certainly plenty of debate in the gardening world on what is typically the best advice and tricks to get lush full lawn all year round. So ACT Gardening Solutions put our brain trust together to discover what we thought was the most frequently requested questions regarding lawn and mowing it professionally.

The best time to mow?

This seems to be the largest factor that is often overlooked in the lawn care game and its critically important to get right. ACT Gardening Solutions believe that the most optimal time for mowing residential lawn is mid-morning. This is because all residue and irrigated water will have dried up and it should be before the heat of the day has set in. This is important because turf stress occurs when a short lawn is exposed on a hot sunny day.

Mowing your lawn will vary from season to season and you climate and location also play a critical role in scheduled mows. The general rule of thumb is to space your lawn mowing evenly and look to cut regularly, even through the cooler months. During the warmer months look to cut weekly or fortnightly to ensure you are getting full foliage across the lawn. Spring months will vary your mowing schedule as rainfall is generally high and growth is typically optimal through this time of the year due to soil temperatures and longer daylight times assist also.

How low should I cut my lawn?

The cut height of your lawn will vary based on the type of lawn you have at your property, typically your perspective on lawn height is based on its colour, and density. When ACT Gardening Solutions are cutting lawn we like to ensure we are only cutting 30-40% of the grass blade height. If you cut any lower then that you may be reducing root growth, which will hurt your lawn in the long run.

Buffalo grass should always be cut at 40-50mm, Kikuyu is best kept to 40-45mm, whereas couch grass can be cut at 25-30mm. In shaded areas or cooler months, you can keep your grass a little longer. And if your still not sure, ring the team at ACT Gardening Solutions and a member or our team will come over to offer the advice or cut your lawns for you.

Bagging your Clippings?

Leaving your catcher off the mower often isn't a bad option for your grass. There is loads of commentary around that leaving clippings on your turf causes thatching, which in fact is not correct.

By leaving your clippings on the surface of your turf you will be naturally fertilising your lawn as the clippings are full of organic matter which is made up of nutrients in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Don't forget it will also save you time in cleaning up also.

We do recommend that you should do this in moderation and not do it every time you cut your lawn.

How do I get stripes in my lawn.... you know like a pro?

At ACT Gardening Solutions we often get customers ask us about stripes and lines in the lawn. Believe it or not its not that hard to achieve and it can be done simply at home with a residential mower. The lawn stripes are created when the rotary mower pushes the blades of grass one way and you come back the opposite direction on the way back. Now don't expect this to occur the first time you try it. Gaining lawn stripes may take a few attempts to begin with.

Lawn Mowing Safety, yes it is important.

It is important to remain safe when mowing lawn. At ACT Gardening Solutions we promote the use of personal protective equipment and have measures in place to mitigate the risk of injury when mowing.

Before you mow, make sure you inspect your lawn mower, and inspect any other machinery prior to using it. If the mower is electric ensure you have adequately tested and tagged your power leads every three (3) months. Remove kids or pet toys from the lawn and rake up any unknown debris or tanbark to mitigate anything from slinging from under your mower.

So, there you have it that's ACT Gardening Solutions top questions and tips answered to ensure you start mowing like a pro. As always, if you wish to obtain a professional lawn care service and leave it to people with the knowledge and experience, please contact our team.

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